Born in Asti (Italy) on 1963, June the 30th.

At 14 Danilo wrote his first song "Chi Ha visto Elena" sang by Nicola Di Bari, in south America this song has been in the hit-parade for a long time.
At 15 he wrote and arranged "I look at the sun" for Morris Albert (the composer of "Feeling"): the song sold over 1 million of copies in Great Britain. Arranging the song "Veronica verrai" for Adriano Celentano, he start collaborate with Giancarlo Bigazzi.

In 1988 Danilo realized "Gente di mare" with Umberto Tozzi & Raf (3rd place at 1998 Euro festival).

Under contract with CBS (become Sony Music) wrote the following songs:

  • "Donna con te" written for ANNA OXA (Festival di Sanremo 1990). This song has been performed by Kaoma (the singers of the famous Lambada) in a Spanish version.
  • "D'ora in poi" written for FAUSTO LEALI
  • "Vado via da te" written for FIORDALISO.

  • Furthermore has collaborated at the followings albums:

  • Svegliarsi un anno fa / Cosa resterà / Sogni è tutto quello che c'è / Battito animale – RAF
  • Invisibile / Gli altri siamo noi - UMBERTO TOZZI (in contest at the festival di Sanremo)
  • Marco Masini / Malinconoia / T'innamorerai / Il cielo della vergine - MARCO MASINI
  • Giovani Jovanotti - JOVANOTTI
  • Lacrime - MIA MARTINI
  • Non amarmi / Il sole - ALEANDRO BALDI
  • La forza della vita - PAOLO VALLESI

  • In 1992 Danilo began his career as soloist with "Buttami via" included into his first LP "Lato latino".

    In 1993 he has sang "Figli di chi" with 'Mietta e i ragazzi di via Meda' (4th place at Festival di Sanremo).

    En 1994 he wrote the song "Quelli come noi" (3rd place at Festival di Sanremo) and produced his second LP titled "Danilo Amerio".

    In the same year he has produced the album "Come un cartone animato" (Giorgio Faletti) including the song "Signor Tenente" (2nd al festival di Sanremo).

    "Bisogno d'amore" (6th at Festival di Sanremo) was released in 1995, has been translated in spanish under the title "Necesitas Amor" and sang by Cristian Castro sold over 800.000 copies worldwide.

    Danilo then sang with Aleandro Baldi the song "Perché" from the album "Passerà".

    "Fidati del tuo cuore" (for Deshima Music - Sony Music distribution) is the title of his LP released in 1999, published by EMI publishing.

    This LP contains "Dama" and "Tu parte latina", Spanish versions of "Donna con te" sang by Anna Oxa (in the Italian version) and "Lato latino".

    2002, DANILO AMERIO: in-flight again in the sky of music. An intense Danilo Amerio duet with PIERANGELO BERTOLI on the notes of "301 GUERRE FA", song that gives the title to the album of the singer who died recently. Released last September, labeled “Crisler” and “Self” distribution, was the prelude to the publication of the future and long-awaited new album of Danilo Amerio as singer of his songs.

    In 2008, after 4 years of absence from the music scene, the 58th Sanremo Festival sees as the author of the song entitled "NON FINISCE QUI", sang by LITTLE TONY, the clear anthem to not ever give up, through a summary of the life of the famous singer, a slow ballad with the atmosphere of the Country - American Pop.

    On 30 June 2008 on the occasion of his birthday, the singer back on music scene with the publication of the new single entitled "DOV'ERO IO", distributed by “BIT Records”.

    In 2009, “BIT Records” release the album "ALI DIGITALI" labeled "AEREOSTELLA - EDEL", mainly dedicated to the great people of the sailors of the WorldWideWeb - now the largest channel and vehicle for the exchange of content and information – “ALI DIGITALI" is much more than an album of songs, “Words and Music” together by indissoluble magic of a pen, a heart and a piano moved sincere and genuine inspiration of an artist that in the inspiration of a moment has joined together forever.

    Give a sign, gives a meaning to the eternal immobile journey of many that, in every part of the globe, choose as a "ship" the ephemeral golden world of a personal computer and then set sail with the wind of the feelings behind, searching for something that remains forever, that does not render vain the earthly existence.

    It is the loneliness in Internet time, deep abyss that permeates the modern media and influence the relations between people. Locks in own “labyrinth” of immovable emotions, more and more timidly incapable of free thoughts in a new world paradoxically lacking in time and space limits.

    A new world that also gives them daily, thousands of innovative solutions for dialogues and encounters.